Our company is still young, but the collective experience of our collaborators amounts to more than 10 years of work on open data, metadata, Linked Data, RDF vocabularies and triple stores as well as widely used platforms that support semantic technologies, especially Virtuoso, Solr and Drupal.

All our collaborators have participated as individual consultants in several big projects, from distributed information systems to semantic mash-ups and Linked Data vocabularies.

Below, we list a few examples of our work as a company in the last two years.


Our works

This is our latest project.
Takes2 is the new platform for quality everyday social life!
With Takes2 you can use the virtual world to get out there in the real world and do stuff with interesting people.
Takes 2 revolves around "teetups" published by the members. A teetup can propose a dinner, a movie, a game of chess, travel… all sorts of things!
Come browse the teetups our members published and create your own!

The Land Library semantic layer
Land Library RDF model

We collaborated with AgroKnow on the building of the Land Library of the Land Portal: Semberry worked on the RDF model, the transformation into triples and the triple store (Virtuoso).

lezioniprivate.net homepage

We took over and improved this portal for publishing requests and offers of private lessons.
Over 21,000 users and 22,000 announcements.